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Zeta Surgical’s Image-Guided Surgery: How Does It Work? Startup Raises $5.2M for Its Ventures

Zeta Surgical’s focus on image-guided surgery is one of the first to bring this method to the world, and the startup has already raised $5.2 million for its future ventures in this field. The company will use the money to fund its research and what it wants to give the world, especially as it is a relatively new term for the medical community. 

Zeta Surgical’s Image-Guided Surgery Receives $5.2 Million in Funds

Zeta Surgical's Image-Guided Surgery

(Photo : JNS via Zeta Surgical)

Zeta Surgical is a startup from Boston, Massachusetts, and their pioneer tech for an image-guided surgery came out of its lowkey operations with a massive $5.2 million funding from investors. According to Tech Crunch, the funding is led by Innospark Ventures, and it goes alongside a combined investment of $250,000 from Y Combinator and Plug and Play Ventures. 

The company is led by fellow Harvard graduates Jose Maria Amich and Raahil Sha; both play a massive role as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Technology Officer, respectively. Zeta Surgical helps assist operations and surgeries that would take place before and during every process to help doctors in their tasks. 

They are joined by Harvard Medical School’s Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, William Gormley, who takes up Zeta’s chief medical officer.  

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What is an Image-Guided Surgery? Zeta Surgical’s Focus

Image-guided surgery serves as an outline or guide for a surgeon before and during an operation for easier access to a person’s body. 

The research by the company entitled “Frameless neuronavigation with computer vision and real-time tracking for bedside external ventricular drain placement: a cadaveric study” focused on their initial take on image guiding for the procedure.

Surgery and Its Tech Advancements

Different technology in health tech focus on bringing a novel approach in the various procedures known to humans, and it aims to give a better way that evolves from the old methods. One of the focuses now is the amputation surgery technology that integrates the new prosthetics and limbs that technology helps to improve with realistic replacements. 

There are also focuses on non-invasive surgeries that bring new opportunities to people that got into accidents and disasters, helping them have a better future with technology. Many now use a method to correct skin problems, particularly fire victims that receive fish skin grafts to repair what the accident took from them. 

One of its earliest experiments was with a dog that got burns, using the experimental method that is now widely available. 

Surgery is a massive discipline in science and health, and integrating technology helps bring the public to many options available for their preferences. One of them is with Zeta Surgical and the image-guided technique that brings a novel take on the procedures that will help in precise guidelines for the patient and doctor. 

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