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What to consider when planning an e-sports event 

Online gaming and e-sports have become incredibly popular over the last few years, with large-scale competitions and events in high demand.  

We’ll be discussing the most important factors for you to consider when planning your own e-sports event, ensuring everything runs smoothly and that your event is set up for success! 


Firstly, you’ll need to think about the location and the venue in which you’ll host your e-sports event. It must be big enough to hold a large crowd, as gaming events usually attract huge crowds.  

You want to ensure everyone is comfortable and that there is enough space for everyone to move around and spectate as they please. You don’t want the audience to be too far away from the action, but you always want them to be able to get a good view of the gaming.  

There are often dedicated spaces for these types of events. From theatres, convention centres and stadiums – take the time to research each venue. 


Once you’ve chosen your venue, you’ll need to check whether all the equipment provided is up to scratch. With e-sports events, everyone should have the same advantages to ensure fair play.  

Everything will need to be closely monitored and analysed before the event takes place. This means that power cords and outlets will need checking to reduce the chance of any electrical faults occurring during the event. 


Online gaming requires an excellent internet connection. As hundreds of gamers will be playing at the same time, it’s crucial that the internet at your chosen venue is high-speed. 

Poor internet quality and slow connections are frustrating for both gamers and the audience watching. This will have an impact on the latency/lag, affecting the overall spectacle.  

Ultimately, this can cause negative publicity for your event and certainly won’t go down well with fans.  


You need to ensure you have the appropriate amount of staff available for the event to make it safe for all attending. It’s also worth checking that your staff are considered tech-savvy to support with any issues in case something should go wrong with the equipment.  

Knowledgeable and reliable staff will ensure the smooth running of your event. Dedicated e-sports venues often have their own in-house staff. However, if you’ve chosen a stand-alone venue to host your event, you can hire temporary staff individually or through a recruitment agency

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