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What is academic writing?

Academic writing is a style of academic writing. It represents the ability to express thoughts in academic papers in a concise and accessible manner. This style is distinguished by:

The presence of certain requirements for the structure of the text and its design;
the use of scientific or journalistic style of presentation;
the ability to argue and paraphrase;
the ability to correctly insert references and make a reference list.
Academic writing is characterized by a focus on the issue being described rather than an expression of personal opinion. It is preferable to use the third person instead of the first person, avoid the use of colloquial vocabulary, abbreviations, phraseology. Unlike other styles, it is allowed to repeat the same words for a better understanding of the material, synonyms are used less often.

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The academic style of narration is used in higher education institutions, to maintain educational and scientific links between countries. It is used by undergraduate and graduate students and more experienced scholars to write reports, term papers, and develop research activities outside their home country.

Editors of international scientific journals are guided by the principles of this style of writing, so it is essential for every scientist who wants to succeed in the world of science and publish scientific work abroad.

Researchers in foreign countries have long used academic writing. In addition to that, English-speaking scientists are major contributors to its development. In our country, knowledge of academic style is not so actively spread, although scientists from various fields – philologists, linguists, sociopsychologists, information technology specialists – are dealing with the problem.

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Did you know that students at foreign colleges and universities write an average of 92 pages of various academic papers during their first year?
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