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Twitter Update Now Offers Tweet Warning for Sensitive Videos, Photos—Other Features Will Arrive

Twitter’s update is expected to offer some new features that will make the social media experience of its consumers better and more comfortable.

Twitter Update Now Offers Tweet Warning for Sensitive Videos, Photos—Other Features Will Arrive

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In this photo illustration, the logo for the Twitter social media network is projected onto a man on August 09, 2017 in London, England. With around 328 million users worldwide, Twitter has gone from a small start-up in for the public 2006 to a broadcast tool of politicians and corporations in 2017.

One of these features, which is now active, is the tweet warning function. The new feature will warn users if the post contains sensitive videos or photos.

As of the moment, Facebook, as well as YouTube, already offer their own warning features. This platform capability simply works by censoring videos and photos that contain violence, sensuality, and other NSWF (Not-Safe-For-Work) content.

Twitter Update Now Offers Tweet Warning Feature

Twitter Support confirmed the new feature via its official account.

Twitter Update Now Offers Tweet Warning for Sensitive Videos, Photos—Other Features Will Arrive

(Photo : Photo credit should read ALASTAIR PIKE/AFP via Getty Images )
The Twitter logo is seen on a phone in this photo illustration in Washington, DC, on July 10, 2019. – Twitter is moving to filter out inappropriate content based on religion as part of its effort to curb hate speech. In a policy update on July 9, 2019, Twitter said it would take down “dehumanizing language” that targets specific religious groups.

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“The option to add one-time sensitive content warnings to photos and videos you Tweet is now available for everyone across Android, iOS, and web,” said the social media giant.

However, users still need to activate the new feature themselves. If you want to enable the new tweet warning function, you need to click the “add description” option.

After that, click the flag icon. Below, you can choose to include a warning for nudity, violence, or sensitive content.

Right now, this new Twitter feature is available for all users across the globe through their iOS and Android devices, as well as through Twitter’s desktop version. 

Other New Twitter Features

Digital Information World reported that Twitter would also offer new features. One of these is the color-change option. 

Just like its name states, this new function allows consumers to change their accounts’ color themes. They can choose purple, green, orange, or other provided color options. 

On the other hand, another Twitter enhancement is currently under development. The new Twitter Thread is expected to arrive soon, allowing users to link their replies. 

Consumers said that this new feature is quite needed, especially since Twitter is a platform people use to share their opinions and beliefs. 

In other news, Twitter posts are now being used by a new Russia-Ukraine map that offers the happenings in Ukraine. Meanwhile, some fake Chinese Twitter accounts were banned since they promoted the 2022 Beijing Olympics propaganda. 

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