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Top 10 Best CATI Software in 2022

Over many years, the market research industry has seen changes in how customer feedback is gathered. Companies are coming up with creative ways to collect customer insight and streamline researchers’ workflow, from conventional methods to online surveys.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the top ten Best Call Center software. These software packages not only provide excellent value for your money but are also dependable and effective. So continue reading if you’re looking for a top-notch CATI software solution!

The Advantages of Using Best CATI Software (Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing) Software

1.Effective and Properly Checked Surveys
CATI software ensures that the survey scripts are tested on a small sample of people prior to the fieldwork phase. This is a great way to gauge how well the survey worked.

2.High-Quality & Relevant Data
Telephone interviews can be carried out efficiently in a safe and controlled environment using CATI software. This helps to format the questions so that you can get a precise and illuminating response.

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3.Personalized Surveys
In order to create surveys that are compliant and consistent with the company’s brand identity, CATI software is used. This is crucial to ensuring that interviewees, especially brand-new clients, have faith in the validity of the survey.

4.Global Audience
You can reach out to your target audience from any location thanks to CATI software. Leading business reporting organisations will be able to conduct market research on their ideal customers, workers, stakeholders, or suppliers whenever and wherever they like.

Telephone interviews are highly productive and have a lower overall cost. To expedite and enhance interviews, CATI software typically has a contact database and a scheduling feature built in.

The top ten CATI Software providers on the market have been identified, as well as a list of the features they offer customers.
IdSurvey offers CATI survey software that is accessible via the internet. To create your telephone surveys, all you need is a web browser and an internet connection. Researchers can now collect data simply by using intuitive interfaces that do not require any special knowledge.

2.Solution Nexxt CATI
By providing tools for conducting market research, Solution Nexxt CATI enables its users to hear the voice of the customer and make changes to the company.

3.Rotator Survey
Rotator Survey offers sophisticated technological capabilities to CATI software. Any size of research project is intended to benefit from Rotator CATI software. The user interface is also very easy to comprehend and operate.

4.Marketing System Group
MSG designed PRO-T-S so that the predictive dialer can work in tandem with the CATI system, telephony operations, and interviews. Its modular telephony system is compatible with a variety of CATI system interfaces, including Survox, Confirmit Horizons, UNICOM Data Collection 6, and others.

Askiavoice, Askia’s CATI solution, is intended to optimise market research call centres on a large scale. It provides the capabilities and flexibility required to empower remote working agents. It is designed to work in tandem with Askia’s dialer modes – Predictive, Progressive, and Preview.

The platform gives their clients complete visibility and control over samples and quotas. Supervisors can review projects, track their progress, and evaluate the agents’ performance. It also provides a variety of monitoring options, including automated call recording, extended statistics, remote listen-in, and many others.

NIPO provides CATI software that can be accessed via a centralised system. Because the flexible and centralised system allows you to monitor agent performance, interview progress, and optimise processes, you have complete control and easy access to information. It has several features that allow you to influence various areas.

7.Precision Opinion
Precision Opinion has 20 years of CATI interviewing experience. The solution provides appropriate features to effectively suit your projects and increase productivity. The platform is also completely TCPA compliant.

8.Survey System
Survey System provides web CATI software that interviewers can access from any location with an internet connection.

9.Great Blue Research
Great Blue has its own call centre, and its researchers use CATI solutions to ensure effective results. The CATI solution is built around the survey instruments. GreatBlue ensures complete TCPA compliance.

Throughout each project, the platform ensures quality assurance. To ensure accuracy, researchers are monitored during live interviews and survey calls, as well as real-time data monitoring. While interacting with respondents, interviewers are given rules and scripts to follow.

10.Sawtooth Technologies
Sawtooth Technologies’ software solution is called WinCATI. It can work on a local area network or in the cloud. It integrates with VoIP to help you save money. It also allows remote working by supporting Microsoft’s Remote Apps.

WinCATI has a wide range of features, including mixed mode interviewing, recording, sound playback, and automated dialling.