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The latest on the weather in Nottingham from the BBC.

As the UK’s only city with its own region, Nottingham residents are known to have their own brand of swagger when it comes to their neighborhood. But the weather in Nottingham doesn’t always reflect the same flair and gusto that we often think of as quintessentially Robin Hood-esque, and that’s why today we’re going to take a closer look at the BBC’s forecast for this week. The BBC is notoriously accurate when it comes to weather in Nottingham, so let’s see what the pros are saying about this week’s climate conditions.

The current weather conditions in Nottingham

We are currently experiencing a Weather Warning for Nottingham, which is valid between 5pm today and 3am tomorrow, Saturday, 7th June 2018. The warnings state that there will be heavy rain until 12:00am tonight, then showers until 6am tomorrow morning with some heavy bursts of rain at times. There may also be hail and thunder. There will be a high risk of flooding due to this sudden change in the weather.

The forecast for the next few days

Weather warning Nottingham: The Met Office has issued a yellow be aware warning for rain and wind in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. It is predicted that heavy showers are likely to develop through Wednesday night into Thursday morning, with accumulations of around 15-25mm expected – mainly over high ground – but as much as 35mm is possible locally. 15 day weather Nottingham: The forecast for Wednesday, 24th January, predicts a maximum temperature of 8 degrees Celsius, with a minimum of 1 degree Celsius overnight, making it feel like 5 degrees Celsius during the evening hours. It will be mostly cloudy throughout the day, with some sunny spells and scattered showers expected through the afternoon and evening hours.

How the weather will affect travel and outdoor activities

If you are planning a day out or any other activity outside of your house, it is worth checking for any weather warnings that have been issued for Nottinghamshire. These will tell you about the risk of disruption due to adverse conditions such as flooding and ice and give you an idea of what to expect – so that you can plan accordingly.

1 If you’re looking at travelling by car, then make sure your route isn’t subject to a diversion or closure due to bad road conditions before setting off.

2 It’s worth bearing in mind that if there are black ice warnings, then it may be best not to go near anything with a drop edge – as this could prove fatal if someone were to fall over the edge!

Some tips for dealing with the cold weather

With temperatures dropping, it’s important to be prepared for the cold weather and to have a few quick tips up your sleeve to help you brave the winter months. Here are some of our favourite ways to stay warm: Dress in layers: It may seem like common sense, but that doesn’t make it any less true! The best way to keep warm is by layering up and wearing clothes that can provide insulation if you get too hot or too cold, as well as being breathable so that you don’t sweat too much under all those layers! Choose wool for its warmth and wicking properties and cotton for its breathability.


Wednesday 14 March, 12:00pm Weather in Nottingham today hourly Weather forecast for Wednesday, 14 March. The earliest temperature measurement is at 7am, and the latest is 11am. Temperatures will range between 3°C and 4°C with a moderate wind of 18mph coming from the southwest. Thursday, 15 March, 12:00pm The climate in Nottingham today’s hourly Weather forecast for Thursday, 15 March. The earliest temperature measurement is at 7am, and the latest is 11am. Temperatures will range between 2°C and 3°C with a gentle breeze of 13mph coming from the southwest direction Friday, 16 March, at 12:00pm. The climate in Nottingham today’s hourly Weather forecast for Friday, 16 March.