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Sun Plasma Ejections To Create Harmful Magnetic Discharge! Earth and Other Inner Planets To Be Affected

The new Sun plasma ejections are expected to happen as early as Apr. 14. Space experts claimed that massive solar activity could harm Earth and other inner planets.  

Sun Plasma Ejections To Create Magnetic Discharge That Can Harm Earth! Other Planets May Also Be Affected

(Photo : Photo by ESO via Getty Images)
IN SPACE – APRIL 25: In this artist’s impression supplied by the ESO (European Southern Observatory) on April 25, 2007, the planetary system around the red dwarf, Gliese 581, is pictured showing what astronomers believe is the most earth like planet found outside our solar system to date. Using the ESO 3.6-m telescope in Chile.

Venus, Mars, and Mercury will also experience the effects of the upcoming plasma ejections.

NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said that the Sun would produce CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections), creating a massive magnetic discharge. 

This geomagnetic storm is expected to reach Earth this Thursday. Now, should you be worried about it? 

New Sun Plasma Ejections To Harm Earth? 

According to UPI‘s latest report, CMEs ejected by the Sun usually interfere with Earth’s magnetic surface. After that, the magnetic storms they create can lead to damage. 

Sun Plasma Ejections To Create Magnetic Discharge That Can Harm Earth! Other Planets May Also Be Affected

(Photo : Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Power towers are seen as the sun sets July 24, 2006 in San Rafael, California. The California Independent System Operator declared a stage two power alert for all of California today after available power had fallen to below five percent as high temperatures scorched the state for eight days straight prompting Californians to use a record 50,270 megawatts of power.

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The Sun’s Coronal Mass Ejections are already being tracked by NASA and NOAA. Based on their latest observation, the upcoming plasma ejections will lead to major damage. 

These include regional power blackouts in higher elevations and disruptions to radio signals. On the other hand, mid-altitude areas are also expected to experience power interruptions. But, they will not be that serious. 

The new Sun CMEs are quite different compared to the recent plasma ejections. Recently, the solar flares that reached Earth did not cause the mentioned power disturbances. 

Meanwhile, the Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India said that the new plasma ejections are expected to hit Earth at speeds between 266 to 357 mph.  

Sun Becoming More Active? 

Newsweek reported that the Sun’s behavior is now more active. Based on the data released by NASA and other space agencies, the solar activity of the solar system’s center is increasing faster. 

As of writing, the Sun is still at its early stages of the so-called 25th cycle. After this stage, experts said that more solar flares and plasma ejections would happen. 

But, NOAA said that the activities of the Sun are not matching their predictions.

NASA and NOAA haven’t released serious warnings regarding the Sun’s solar activities. 

On November 26, 2021, another solar flare was recorded, creating satellites and power grid disruptions. 

On the other hand, SpaceWeather’s solar flare warning was recently issued. 

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