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SpaceX Starship Environmental Review: FAA Needs One More Month to Evaluate Spacecraft

The SpaceX Starship is one tough spacecraft to evaluate, and the environmental review for the rocket has faced another delay from the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) for its assessment.

The national agency needs more time to analyze the rocket technology from the company. Despite the many promises of Elon Musk for its upcoming tests, the public has to wait even more. 

SpaceX Starship Environmental Review: FAA Needs More Time

SpaceX Starship Full Stack

(Photo : SpaceX via Twitter)
SpaceX Starship Full Stack is focusing on another round of tests that prepares for its next launch.

SpaceX Starship’s environmental review has been delayed for yet another month, and it is due to the FAA wanting to push the final PEA that will bring the license for the spacecraft. According to, the FAA is taking its time in evaluating the rocket ship for its clearance to take flight. 

The FAA’s decision on the Starship regarding its launch at Boca Chica is a massive factor that will give it the approval it needs to have its test flights and future missions.

Getting the license does not guarantee that SpaceX’s Starship can take on missions to deep space, or the orbit for a start, as it will depend on the company’s rocket to fulfill its role. 

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Delay to Take One More Month for SpaceX Starship

The delay will take one more month before the FAA to decide and evaluate the Starship for many factors, with one of the essential things on its list being the environmental review.

For now, the Starship would stay on its loading dock or rocket hangar, catching dust and awaiting the national agency to give it the clearance it needs for the upcoming missions. 

SpaceX’s Starship and its Development

When Elon Musk said that the Starship would be a backdrop for the February event that brought an update to the public, the tech CEO was not kidding or joking about it. The Starship still has no clearance to fly or test its capabilities with launching via the Full Stack set up from the space company due to its review. 

For now, companies partnering with SpaceX for heavy cargo deliveries to space will have to utilize the Falcon Heavy for its many launches, as the Starship is yet to have its license to operate. 

SpaceX is working towards the goal of getting the Starship off the ground, but the FAA needs to consider many factors revolving around it. The decision will also take in its residents and other concerned entities’ take regarding its upcoming missions. 

The Starship is the present “holy grail” of the space company, and it will soon bring launches and flights for many ventures due to its reusability and capabilities it brings to the table. The FAA will take another month for its decision, and all under the project and fans are hoping that it is for the best, with the Starship seeing clearance for its future ventures. 

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