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SpaceX: Starlink Satellites Disintegrate Without Debris and Parts Falling Back to the Earth [WATCH]

SpaceX’s Starlink satellites are safe despite breaking down when it is on-orbit as it will not leave debris behind, floating in space. What it does is that it will disintegrate without leaving behind significant traces that may damage other satellites in its constellations or have pieces of the orbiting spacecraft fall on the planet that may be fatal to those that will be hit.

SpaceX Starlink Satellites Disintegrates When it Breaks

SpaceX’s Starlink Internet Speeds Are Sometimes Fast Depending on Where You Are, Speedtest Data Reveals

(Photo : Egon Filter via NASA)
Starlink’s latest speed data shows that it may sometimes be slower, and sometimes faster than current fixed broadband.

Marco Langbroek from the Leiden University in the Netherlands shared on his blog a clip of Starlink’s satellites looking like they performed a meteor shower in orbit. However, the observer said that this is not a meteor shower but rather a company’s satellite disintegrating into thousands of pieces before disappearing in the videos.

The clip shows two separate events of Starlink’s satellites disintegrating into dust-like particles in space that left trails behind, seemingly like a shooting star or a meteor shower. The disintegration of the satellites happened last week, and this is amidst the new additions to Starlink’s fleet that orbits the LEO currently in space.

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SpaceX Starlink Satellites: No On-Orbit Debris or Pieces Falling

According to a Starlink update last February 8, this event did happen, and Starlink’s team did a great job in helping it disintegrate into pieces that would not leave debris or harm other spacecraft. Additionally, the disintegrated satellite parts would not fall back to the planet and cause harm for those that would receive it from the ground.

SpaceX Starlink Satellites and its Presence on Space

There are many disputes on SpaceX’s Starlink satellites that are overcrowding the low-Earth orbit (LEO) and affecting the many operations from other companies or countries. One complaint came from the Twilight observation as it sees the Starlink’s satellite constellation in different frames when performing a sweep of outer space, photobombing its observation.


(Photo : MARIANA SUAREZ/AFP via Getty Images)
This long-exposure image shows a trail of a group of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites passing over Uruguay as seen from the countryside some 185 km north of Montevideo near Capilla del Sauce, Florida Department, on February 7, 2021.

There already have been concerns from different space agencies, including NASA, regarding collisions with Starlink satellites that are now in orbit with the planet. The growing constellation of Starlink is somehow becoming a problem for different space entities, making the internet satellites a nuisance for their operations.

However, Starlink reports being safe as ever, especially with its satellites not having any debris polluting space or falling back to the planet to threaten anyone or anything. The presence of Starlink is a massive debate in the industry now, and it received a mixed review on its relevance, especially with how it affects other space operations.

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