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Space Race 2022: China Seeks Dominance by Presenting Three-Step Lunar Exploration and Other 2030 Missions!

The space race is still currently happening as many countries and independent agencies conduct their own out-of-this-world explorations.  

Space Race 2022: China Seeks Dominance by Presenting Three-Step Lunar Exploration and Other 2030 Missions!

(Photo : Photo by HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images)
A depiction of the sun is seen as people visit the recently-opened Shanghai Planetarium in Shanghai on July 30, 2021. (Photo by Hector RETAMAL / AFP)

As of the moment, China is one of the nations trying to take NASA’s place as the main space agency that explores the solar system and even the area beyond this planetary formation. 

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) announced some new space missions that might be the most dominant space agency across the globe. These upcoming launches are expected to happen around 2030. 

Space Race 2022: China’s New Space Missions

According to the Weather Channel‘s latest report, CNSA reveals some new space missions that might give NASA tough competition in the ongoing space race. 

CNSA’s Senior Scientist Wu Weiren recently provided the main objectives of the Chinese space agency in the next 30 years. These include the following: 

Space Race 2022: China Seeks Dominance by Presenting Three-Step Lunar Exploration and Other 2030 Missions!

(Photo : Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)
Military soldiers stand guard as the Shenzhou VI spacecraft, sitting atop of the LM-2F carrier rocket, is moved towards the launching pad in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on October 7, 2005 in Jiuquan of Gansu Province, northwest China. China will launch its second manned space flight on October 12 from the center, after a crucial ruling Communist Party meeting concludes in Beijing October 11.

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Three-Step Lunar Exploration

In 2004, CNSA already launched a moon mission using its Chang’e-5. Since the exploration was successful, another one is expected to happen before 2021 ends. 

It will have three stages, which will all be completed before 2024. These are specifically Chang’e-6, Chang’e-7, and Chang’e-8. 

Long-Term Space Missions

Wu also announced that the China National Space Administration is trying to explore the Solar System long-term. 

“In the long run, we intend to send spacecraft to study the rim of our solar system – which is roughly 15 billion kilometers from us – before 2049, the year of the People’s Republic of China’s centennial,” said CNSA’s senior scientist. 

Mars Exploration Mission 

CNSA engineers are now trying to conduct a successful Mars sample return mission, which will be more complicated compared to the upcoming Chang’e-5 lunar space mission. 

The U.K. Also Makes Own Space Efforts

China is now the only one that is making efforts to improve its space industry. The United Kingdom also announced that it would fund some new projects. 

The budget is around $3 million, as reported by Parabolic Arc. One of the funded projects is a space power station developed by Rolls-Royce. 

In other news, Russia calms some rumors about Roscosmos ISS abandonment. Meanwhile, Blue Origin’s NS20 mission announces Pete Davidson’s space flight. 

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