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Review of Amazon 7-inch Tablets

Many retailers have taken it upon themselves to release unique products that include all the features found in high-end brands. The price differential is what makes this concept popular. Amazon hasn’t released any new tablets in a while, and the Amazon Fire 7 is merely the latest addition to the lineup. Although you do receive a slight boost with this, many experts feel that its features are pretty similar to those of the previous versions.

We will now discuss the benefits of the Amazon Fire 7-inch Tablet for you or how it will make managing applications easier. The new tab largely resembles the 2017 version, but if you are theme-oriented, you may now choose from different colors. In addition, there have been several upgrades to the specifications, most notably the processor, which is believed to have significantly improved.

Let’s examine the features in detail to discover what Amazon is offering its customers.


Amazon 7-inch Tablets need to be your first choice if you urgently need a tablet but your budget does not let you go very high up in price range. Along with being constantly on sale, they also come with extra perks like free content or Prime membership. What more could one ask for?

The tab has become popular among children because it has all the functions of the Ipad for playing games, but this one is much more attractive due to the price difference. Since the release of the Fire 7, Amazon promo codes 20 off anything also released the Fire HD 8, and many parents have been spotted looking for it for their children to use for online learning and gaming.

Although the HD 8 tab is a good choice for kids’ games because of its impressive graphics, the Fire 7 kids edition looks like a lot more sensible choice. You can get 16GB of storage and a year of FreeTime Unlimited for about $100. You may get it replaced within 2 years if there is any damage, and it also comes with a stand or a cover that will prevent any damage. The ordinary model is far superior to the kids’ edition, especially if you anticipate using it with the kids.

Always on Sale

The fact that Amazon’s own store products are almost constantly on sale is their best feature. To avoid paying full price, be sure to know when the deal is taking place before you go to the store. Users typically find that Prime Day, which takes place in the middle of July, and Black Friday, which takes place in the latter part of November, are the two best periods of the year to shop for any Amazon products. Although Black Friday is the best moment, you don’t want to wait 7-8 months to purchase the item. You can see how the discounts are smaller than the original price because they are displayed on the website.

Which Features are There?

According to Amazon, the most notable feature of 7-inch Tablets is the ability to summon Alexa whenever you want to perform tasks. In the past, the voice assistant’s activation required pressing a button. But now, all you have to do to get the tablet to reply to the echo is speak Alexa when you’re connected to a network.

It is quite cool because you don’t have to stop studying and playing a game in the middle to click the button; instead, just use your voice, as with mobile phones, to instruct Alexa to complete the action. You may enable or disable the feature in your settings. Fire HD8 & 10 now also have this feature.

2017 vs. 2019 Comparison

The 7-inch tablet was initially released in 2017, therefore it was only natural that when Amazon updated the model and issued it again in 2019, observers would compare the two releases. The processor is the primary distinction between the two products. The 2019 VERSION of Alexa has a high-speed processor that allows voice activation, which makes the rest of the capabilities faster as well.

The efficiency with which the Fire 7 tablet operates astounds specialists quite a little. For the most part, the product is relatively smooth because it lacks any of the components that are typically included in high-end models. You won’t have to deal with slow app launches or unresponsive touch screens.

With this one, you can be making a good exchange if you intend to use the tab for typical tasks like online browsing, participating in a few video chats, and playing games from the App Store. In fact, we’d suggest that for such tasks, it’s even faster than the typical tablet. Once you launch any PRIME VIDEO on a tablet, it scarcely even takes a few seconds to load as opposed to the other tabs, which is an advantage of using an Amazon-made product. Of course, a strong Wi-Fi connection is also required for that.


Let’s chat about how Amazon can make its forthcoming devices better. The display quality of 7-inch tablets has dramatically improved, and they now handle all High Definition videos & graphics, but the size has remained the same. This is precisely why there is such a significant price difference between all these items and those from other premium brands.

While enhancing the graphics, Samsung and Apple have expanded their displays. Therefore, if you don’t broaden the screen while enhancing the picture quality, the screen’s definition will remain standard and there won’t be much you can do about it. However, you may notice that the 2019 model’s visuals are significantly crisper, and for $60 to $80, which is what these tabs are now being sold for, this is definitely not a bad value.

The fact that you receive extra advantages is what most users find appealing about Amazon tabs. You can download Prime Videos on the tab, a feature typically not available on the program, in addition to using Alexa, X-Ray, Second Screen, FreeTime, or ASAP on it.