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Planetary Alignment 2022: How To Watch This Rare 1000-Year Space Event? Best Place and Other Details

A planetary alignment is expected to happen this 2022. Of course, lots of space fans will try to spot this rare space event. 

Planetary Alignment 2022: How To Watch This Rare 1000-Year Space Event? Best Place and Other Details

(Photo : Photo courtesy of NASA/Newsmakers)

The event will show the alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mars, which will definitely attract many astronomers. 

“It’s very rare that you say that the planets are aligning and they actually do. It does happen, but quite rarely,” said Dr. Brad Tucker, an ANU astrophysicist, via News.Com AU

He added that the perfect alignment is a rare space event that only happens every 1,000 years. Now, here’s how you can view this space happening.

Planetary Alignment 2022

According to Mashable‘s latest report, the perfect planetary alignment will happen around Apr. 17. When it comes to the peak time, space experts suggested that the best time to view this rare space occasion is in the morning of Apr. 20. 

Planetary Alignment 2022: How To Watch This Rare 1000-Year Space Event? Best Place and Other Details

(Photo : Photo digital Illustration by NASA/NASA via Getty Images)
In this NASA digital illustration handout released on February 22, 2017, the TRAPPIST-1 system is shown containing a total of seven planets, all around the size of Earth. Three of them — TRAPPIST-1e, f and g — dwell in their star’s so-called “habitable zone.” The habitable zone, or Goldilocks zone, is a band around every star (shown here in green).

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In the United States, Americans can see the alignment before sunrise on Apr. 20 around the east. Of course, the planetary alignment will be visible to the naked eye. 

But, if you want to use your smartphone to capture the space event, then it is best for you to bring a tripod. Remember, you are capturing the sky. 

On the other hand, Australians can see the alignment as early as Apr. 14. This means that the peak time will still depend on your location.  

Best Place To View the Planetary Alignment

If you want to have the best view, then the best place you need to go to is a flat horizon. For those who are not near a flat area, then the space event will be best visible around late June. 

On the other hand, there are some individuals who will be confused with the planets and the stars since they will just look like bright dots in the sky. 

To differentiate them, you need to remember that stars twinkle. Meanwhile, planets are just static white dots in the sky. If you want to see more tips, you can visit this link

Meanwhile, the MeerKAT telescope was able to capture a nearby dwarf star‘s radio flares. 

On the other hand, the Hubble Space Telescope celebrated its 32nd anniversary by capturing the so-called gravitation dance event. 

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