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New Dog Blood Test Can Detect Incurable Cancer; How Efficient is OncoK9?

This new blood test can detect incurable cancers in dogs. But is the new OncoK9 tech really efficient?  

New Blood Test Can Detect Incurable Cancer in Dogs; How Efficient is OncoK9?

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For the past years, cancer is still the leading cause of death in dogs. Most of the affected pets are 10 years and older, making it hard for vets to save them from their health complications. 

Because of this, pet owners usually ask if there are blood tests for dogs that can help them know if their beloved furry friends are at risk. 

“I’ve been being asked for so many years by families: Isn’t there a blood test for cancer?” said the co-founder of PetDx, Andi Flory. 

New Dog Blood Test Can Detect Incurable Cancer

According to The Wired‘s latest report, Flory and Daniel Grosu, another co-founder of PetDx, worked together to create the new OncoK9 blood test. 

New Blood Test Can Detect Incurable Cancer in Dogs; How Efficient is OncoK9?

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She and Grosu launched their health innovation for dogs back in 2021. As of writing, more than 400 veterinary clinics are already offering the new blood test. 

However, owners can only get one for their dogs through prescription. If their vets don’t suggest the use of OncoK9, they can’t get the blood test. 

Now, PLOS ONE published the new blood test study titled “Clinical validation of a next-generation sequencing-based multi-cancer early detection “liquid biopsy” blood test in over 1,000 dogs using an independent testing set: The CANcer Detection in Dogs (CANDiD)” to show OncoK9’s efficiency.  

OncoK9’s Efficiency 

A major trial was conducted in 2019, which involved 1,100 dogs. All of these pets had their blood tested using the new OncoK9. 

Based on the study’s findings, the new cancer-detecting blood test has an efficiency of 55%. Lisa Moses, a veterinarian, said that the new OncoK9 is really helpful for saving dogs from cancers. 

On the other hand, the new research also revealed that the blood test could efficiently detect late-stage cancers as well. During the 2019 trial, OncoK9 determined the most aggressive cancers at 80% efficiency. 

If you want to see more details about the new dog cancer-detecting blood test, you can visit this link

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