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NASA Conducts Spacewalk To Repair, Upgrade ISS—Installing Hoses and Other Maintenance Activities

NASA is currently conducting its spacewalk activity, which involves various maintenance efforts to enhance the International Space Station. 

NASA Conducts Spacewalk To Repair, Upgrade ISS—Installing Hoses and Other Maintenance Activities

(Photo : Photo by NASA via Getty Images)
In this NASA handout, mission specialist, Astronaut Stephen K. Robinson, is anchored to a foot restraint on the International Space Station’s Canadarm2 robotic arm, during his space walk to repair the underside of the space shutttle Discovery August 3, 2005. Space shuttle Discovery is scheduled to return to Earth August 8.

Right now, the so-called extra-vehicular activity or EVA is still happening since it is expected to last around six hours. 

Two astronauts, one from NASA (Raja Chari) and another one from the European Space Agency (Matthias Maurer), are tasked to complete the latest spacewalk of the international space union. 

NASA Conducts Spacewalk 

According to CBS News‘ latest report, the latest spacewalk of the National Aeronautics Space Administration started around Mar. 23, at exactly 8:32 a.m. EDT. 

NASA Conducts Spacewalk To Repair, Upgrade ISS—Installing Hoses and Other Maintenance Activities

(Photo : Photo by Alexander Gerst / ESA via Getty Images)
In this handout photo provided by the European Space Agency (ESA), German ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst takes a ‘selfie’ during his spacewalk, whilst aboard the International Space Station (ISS) on October 7, 2014 in Space. Gerst returned to earth on November 10, 2014 after spending six months on the International Space Station completing an extensive scientific programme.

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Since NASA’s new EV activity is expected to last for six hours, it will end around 2:32 p.m. EDT. 

“We’re actually going to have our crew members at separate locations for the majority of the EVA. In fact, it’s actually going to seem like there are two EVAs happening at once at the same time,” said Paul Konyha, NASA spacewalk’s flight director. 

He added that Chari would be attached to a robotic arm during the spacewalk. Meanwhile, the ESA astronaut, Maurer, will be free-floating, allowing him to visit many areas of the International Space Station before EVA ends.  

Why NASA’s New Spacewalk is Essential 

CNN World reported that the new spacewalk of NASA will complete various enhancement and maintenance activities that will further improve the performance of ISS. 

These include installing hoses on a radiator beam valve module, allowing the International Space Station to maintain proper temperature. 

Aside from this, Maurer and Chari will also install a power and data cable on the Columbus module’s Bartolomeo science platform and replace an external camera of the ISS. 

The latest EVA is considered to be the 248th spacewalk of NASA. Thanks to the previous and upcoming spacewalks, the space union was able to keep ISS in orbit. 

In other news, China’s Tiangong Space Station will soon accept tourists, even those without formal astronaut training. Meanwhile, NASA Hubble Space Telescope was able to take a photo of a spiral galaxy. 

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