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More Earth-Bound Solar Flares Will Happen, Claims CESSI; New Sunspots Alarm Experts

More Earth-bound solar flares are expected to happen, as claimed in the new database of CESSI (Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India).

More Earth-Bound Solar Flares Will Happen, Claims CESSI; New Sunspots Alarm Experts

(Photo : Photo by Abid Katib/Getty Images)
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In recent months, space experts have detected numerous Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs).

These radiation emissions of the Sun are commonly harmless since the planet’s atmosphere can easily dissolve them before they can even reach the surface.

However, some strong CMEs can still lead to negative effects. They can disrupt satellite communications, GPS systems, and other similar technologies.

More Earth-Bound Solar Flares Will Happen

According to Financial Express‘ latest report, the Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India acquired new data.

More Earth-Bound Solar Flares Will Happen, Claims CESSI; New Sunspots Alarm Experts

(Photo : Photo by NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) via Getty Images)
In this handout from NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), a X5.4 solar flare, the largest in five years, erupts from the sun’s surface March 6, 2012. According to reports, particles from the flare are suppose to reach earth early March 7, possibly disrupting technology such as GPS system, satellite networks and airline flights.

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The information they gathered from the Sun revealed that there were two X-class solar flares, as well as 13 M-class CMEs, that happened since Apr. 15.

Now, CESSI detected another M-class solar flare that happened on Apr. 21.

“High-frequency communications blackout expected to be localized over the Asia-Pacific region as estimated by the @NWSSWPC DRAP model,” said CESSI via its official Twitter post.

All these details just show that the Sun’s surface is becoming more active. Because of this, CESSI and other space experts now believe that there will be more high-intensity Earth-bound solar flares that will happen in the following days or months.

Why Are Solar Flares Becoming Common? 

The Daily Mail UK reported that two new active Sunspot regions were discovered, designated as AR2993 and AR2994. 

These two Sunsport swarms have larger sizes compared to Earth. Researchers explained that these dark areas on the Sun’s surface are the main sources of CMEs. 

They create massive electromagnetic radiation bursts, which then turn into solar flares. Now, the AR2993 and AR2994 regions are expected to create more CMEs. 

Space scientists stated that the solar flares might peak around 2024. 

Meanwhile, a new solar flare created some bright Aurora lights back in 2021. 

On the other hand, NASA was able to capture mid-level solar flares, which alarmed SWPC. 

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