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Ideas for making a DIY coffee table

Decorating your interior according to your tastes is good, making it with your ten fingers is better. Quickly discover all our DIYs to make a coffee table yourself!

Why make a DIY coffee table?

Making your own coffee table is a good way to get the one that haunts our thoughts. We are too often frustrated not to find the coffee table of our dreams in stores, so here is the ideal solution. Of course, it is essential that the project be feasible and correspond to your level of DIY. There is no point in embarking on a project beyond your skills that risks ending in failure. Another good reason to make your DIY coffee table: the price. Furniture and decorative accessories often represent a significant budget. It is quite possible to renew your decor without breaking the bank. Make your furniture yourself can reduce costs by choosing economical materials or second-hand or recycled objects. 

How to make a coffee table yourself

Getting started with a DIY coffee table can be a lot easier than it looks. For example, a wooden box fixed on a stool or a board installed on steel legs will be enough to create the structure of your table. Do-it-yourself stores (Mr Bricolage, Bricorama, Leroy Merlin…) have everything you need to get started (wooden planks, trestles, drills, steel tubes…) but don’t neglect recycling, which offers many possibilities. We often underestimate the potential of certain unused elements. Don’t forget: “Nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. So, redouble your creativity and give new life to forgotten objects to limit unnecessary waste.

Design a designer base table with a few simple and up-to-date tricks: make the legs out of copper tubes, use lampshade carcasses as bases, turn a door into a table top, assemble wine boxes, simply saw logs for a 100% natural DIY coffee table! Finally, if the idea of ​​getting out the saw and the drill frightens you, you can always give a second life to your old coffee table by customizing it with stencils, spraying it with silver paint, decorating the mosaic top. Check new models on

DIY techniques to make your coffee table

Embarking on the manufacture of a DIY coffee table is also an opportunity to put your creative know-how to good use. Do you excel in the art of mosaic? Cover the top of your table with a pattern made by you. Painting, drawing, engraving and sculpture will also lend themselves well to the game to give a unique look to your DIY coffee table. For a more bohemian decoration, do not neglect weaving and braiding as well as the use of natural materials such as wood and raffia. Watchword ? Let your imagination and creativity do the talking.

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