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How to Use latest FileSynced code with Firestick

FileLinked, originally known as DroidAdmin, is a file-sharing application that effectively sideloads tools for Amazon Fire Stick and other Android-powered devices. The program allows users to share different types of files, including videos, images, music, and APK files. Users can either upload files, use the files or perform both functions simultaneously.

For example, if you plan a field trip with your family and want to share your photos privately, you can upload the file, create a code, and share the latest FileSynced Code with your loved ones. Individuals with the code and the FileLinked application installed on their device can enter the code to access or download the files.

However, FileLinked is mostly for users to sideload applications on Fire Stick devices. You can access the latest FileSynced Code from uploaders and enter them in the app to access a plethora of applications.

If you want to know more about FileLinked and how to use it with FireStick TV, this guide is for you. We will discuss everything you need to know about FIleLinked.

What Is FileLinked?

As stated earlier, FileLinked is leveraged by users to install applications on Fire Stick that are not directly available on the Amazon app store. With FileLinked, you can streamline the download and installation of these applications on your Fire Stick devices.

Traditionally, downloading apps not featured on the Amazon app store requires users to visit a particular web page and enter a URL that connects it to the installer. This option is only viable for users using a computer or a smartphone device. However, if you want to access this application on your TV, you will experience difficulty with this approach.

This is where FileLinked comes in handy. The service converts media into a numeric code and assigns it to a file, making it easier for users to enter the code directly to access a particular file. For example, if you want to watch sports on an app with the code “45638232”, you can download the app on Fire Stick by entering the latest FileSynced code in your FileLinked app. You can also download multiple apps using a single code.

That being said, there is a downside to using FileLinked. Since the platform is readily available, any individual can create a FileLinked code for a URL to enable file sharing. This means there is a huge possibility of encountering a virus. Therefore, you must only use the latest FileSynced Code from dependable sources. Additionally, if you’re planning to stream movies or TV shows, it is best to use a high-quality VPN to shield your activity from tracking bodies. 

A Step-By-Step Guide to Installing FileLinked

Since FileLinked is not directly available on Amazon’s app store, you need to sideload the application by using a tool called Downloader. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Launch Fire TV, press the Up Button until the Main Menu appears.
  • Select Settings and scroll down to the My Fire TV icon
  • Open the My Fire TV Menu, and select Developer Options
  • Enable Apps from Unknown Sources
  • You will receive a warning. Select OK and continue
  • Go back to Main Menu and open the Search Function
  • Type Downloader using the on-screen keyboard
  • Install Downloader. Open the app to Allow Access to files on your device
  • Launch Downloader and go to the Home Screen
  • Select the Text Bar and type the following URL:
  • Select Go
  • FileLinked Installer will start downloading
  • Use the remote’s arrow keys to click the Install button. 

How to Install Apps Using FileLinked?

After installing FileLinked, you can easily download your favorite applications using the latest filesynced codes for 2022 . For instance, if you want to download Kodi, a library-centered media player that allows you to access Bly-ray movies or streams from a plethora of services, you can do it by launching FileLinked and typing the code 56975628, which is linked to Kodi.

However, if you wish to download another file or an app, you can visit the Apps list on your Fire TV and launch FileLinked. You can type the relevant code into the search box on the main menu and click Continue. This will download the application’s APK file, which you can install. This approach is more suitable than typing lengthy URLs.

Additionally, you also have the option of switching off the advertisements on the FileLinked. You can easily do that by clicking on Setting in the right-hand corner and disabling the “Show Hints and Useful Information” option. This will give you a clear and organized home screen that will make the browsing and viewing process easier. 

What to Do if FIleLinked is Not Working?

FileLinked may not work on your device due to the unavailability of a certain code, bugs, or due to incompatibility issues. However, if you’re experiencing such issues, there’s an easy fix. This guide also includes several FileLinked alternatives that you can leverage to access the desired media.

Aptoide TV

Aptoide TV is one of the most in-demand FileLinked alternatives. The application enables users to access thousands of applications. In fact, it hosts more applications than Google Play Store and other app stores. You can find apps of various categories that you can use on your Fire TV.


Using Downloader is another option. This program allows you to easily download files from the internet, including third-party applications that are not featured on the Amazon App Store. You can also download free streaming apps or browse the web using Downloader.


APK Pure is another application that enables users to download APK files conveniently. This app facilitates the installation of lightweight applications without taking up too much storage. 

Wrapping Up

FileLinked is a convenient application that allows users to access and download apps on Fire TV that are not exclusively available on Amazon App Store. The program allots codes to files, empowering users to access their favorite media simply by entering the code to install the app. However, if you’re planning to use FileLinked to stream video content, be sure to download a dependable VPN service provider to ensure safe and protected browsing.