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How to grow tremendous tulips

Colourful tulips are a great addition to gardens in spring. From planting them at the right time to keeping an eye on water drainage, Clare Wilson has a host of good tips

Life 9 November 2022

Containers with Tulipa 'Brilliant Orange' underplanted with Myosotis 'Bluesylva' bedding.

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AS IT is autumn in the UK, I have been planting bulbs of plants that will flower in spring. There is a huge variety to choose from, but my personal favourites are tulips.

While most varieties don’t self-propagate – unlike other spring bulbs, such as daffodils – and they will often die after only one or two years, tulips are worth the effort of replanting every autumn for their elegant, cup-shaped blooms and intense, saturated hues.

During the 17th century, passion for tulips in the Netherlands led to the first known financial “bubble”, when prices reached absurd levels before the market …