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How to Get More (Real) Likes on Instagram?

The button is clicked Likes on Instagram an average of 4.2 billion times per day by the app’s 500 million daily users.

Those figures are encouraging for a business seeking more likes and greater interaction. The challenge, however, lies in amassing a sufficient number of “likes” to raise awareness about your company and attract more customers, fans, and investors.

To increase Instagram likes, you must approach your material strategically.

This article will outline ten methods for increasing your Instagram likes:

Utilise high-quality images.

Every day, more than 95 million posts are uploaded on Instagram. Every time you post, you compete for attention with other brands, influencers, and the friends of your followers.

In order for your material to be noticed, it must be startling.  This means no photographs that are grainy, pixelated, or poorly lighted.

The cameras on today’s smartphones are more than capable of creating artwork.

When you take a photo or record a video on your mobile device:

  • Utilize the HDR mode to your advantage.
  • Put your smartphone on a tripod to prevent it from shaking.
  • Create images with a 1080-pixel width

Expert Photography provides excellent advice for optimising your smartphone’s camera.

If you’re getting set to share some pictures online, pick a nice filter beforehand. According to the findings of TrackMaven.

The Mayfair filter produces the greatest results for interactions, followed by the absence of any filter at all, which reveals the superiority of the original photograph.

 Employ hashtags effectively and liberally

The use of hashtags can expose your Instagram posts to an entirely new audience. Additionally, each market has its own jargon. 

Entering a few keywords relating to your image or business into Instagram’s search bar is the simplest approach to finding the appropriate hashtags.

In the caption, you can also use # followed by your search terms. The Instagram hashtags that are used the most frequently can be found in this section.

A website that generates hashtags, such as All Hashtags, is another method for locating appropriate hashtags. In the event that you type a keyword into the search bar, the application will produce the most pertinent hashtags.

To maximise your exposure, you should use trending hashtags in your field. 

Utilise location-based hashtags to reach people in your region. You may locate the most popular Instagram accounts in your area by searching for “popular Instagram accounts + [your city]” and making a list of the hashtags they use.

Include video in your marketing strategy

Mention reports that Instagram videos receive 38% more likes and comments than photographs. Furthermore, the return on investment (ROI) for video marketing is higher than any other form of social media advertising.

It is possible to produce videos of good quality without spending a significant amount of money if you make use of a smartphone, screen capture software, animated films, or user-generated content.

Host a contest or give away.

Having a contest is an easy approach to increasing interaction on Instagram. To increase likes, you can make the admission requirement as easy as “Like to Win.”

If you want to up the ante in a competition, like Diala’s Kitchen is doing, invite participants to follow you and tag a friend. The result will be more participation from the general populace.

For maximum interest in your Instagram contest or giveaway, offer a prize that is both unique and useful to your business and its target audience.

For instance, if you own a restaurant, real fans would be enthusiastic about receiving a free lunch for two or a gift card. However, offering enticing freebies like iPads or trips to Disneyland may only bring in those who aren’t serious about your brand.

Before hosting a contest or giveaway, it is necessary to review Instagram’s Promotion Guidelines.

Although it is not a particularly interesting activity, participating in it will help you maintain a positive relationship with the people who moderate the site.

Create captivating captions

Captions offer a voice to your visual material. They let you say more about photos, show off your personality, and give followers advice.

To compose the ideal caption:

Get the proper tone. Your postings should reflect Instagram’s lively and amusing nature. If you usually talk in a business or professional tone, add some personality to make it more human and real.

Put vital details first. After two or three lines, Instagram feed captions are cut off. Even while you want visitors to click “more,” you should expect they won’t. Put your most vital message first, and keep hashtags for last.

Develop a call to action. Ask your followers to do something if you want them to comply. For more information, visit the link in my bio, “like” if you agree, or “share your favourite XYZ in the comments” are all examples of such requests.

Use emojis. Emojis not only provide individuality but also serve to attract attention and break up the text. You can also substitute text with appropriate emojis if they are available.

Distribute content via social media

In order to get the most exposure for your Instagram post, you should share it on other social media channels as well.

You may instantly share your Instagram posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You shouldn’t do this with every post, as it’s best to practice offering unique content on each channel.

However, another easy way to increase the number of views and likes on your Instagram posts is to remind your followers of other channels on which you are active.

You may encourage people to follow you on Instagram by inserting a call to action in your posts, email newsletters, or social media profiles.

This is in addition to the fact that your material will be instantly shared across several platforms. This is what the Federal Bureau of Investigation has done here.

Mention the appropriate individuals and companies.

By tagging a company or an individual in a post, you are able to direct your followers to that entity and give them the credit they are due.

Nevertheless, there are advantages in store for you as well.

When you publish something new, adding a tag will let others know about it. As a result of the “tagged in” section, it also makes it easier for your Instagram photographs to display on your profile.

Take part in activities with other people.

People will return the favour if you are an active part of the Instagram community who likes and comments on stuff that interests you.

You may increase engagement rates by using the following steps:

If someone follows you, you must also follow them. You should avoid following spam accounts.

If someone comments on your photo, you should answer with a comment that is directed at the person who left the comment. Make reference to them in the accompanying comment by using the at symbol.

  • Click the like button on the pictures that contain hashtags that pique your interest.
  • Comment on photographs containing hashtags that interest you.
  • Like the comments of others on photographs that interest you.
  • Send direct communications to individuals that interest you or who provide a great deal of value.
  • Tag people on Instagram who you know personally or who you have gotten to know.
  • Post questions or requests for feedback.

More followers imply more people are viewing your posts, resulting in more “likes.”

Publish at the optimal time.

To maximize your Instagram likes, you must ensure that as many people as possible see your photos. To accomplish this, you must publish content when your audience is online.

Ask for likes.

The following piece of guidance is probably the easiest to follow: if you want people to like your postings, just ask them to do so.


Including the tips in this article into your social media strategy can help you create content that Instagram followers will enjoy and make it easier to find.

Instagram “likes” are a good indicator of how well received your posts are by the platform’s user base. By getting more of them, your work will be seen by a larger audience, which will help people remember your brand and your message.

The wonderful thing about these pointers is that they are all simple to put into action and don’t require a lot of money.

You should progressively introduce them to your posts and keep an eye on the evolution of your likes. This can help you determine which strategies work best for long-term success with your following.