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Elon Musk is Now a Member of the National Academy of Engineering for His SpaceX Designs—What’s the Role?

Elon Musk is now a member of the National Academy of Engineering formally announced earlier today, inducting the CEO on the list of renowned scholars and academics. The CEO invited the membership for his many works on SpaceX and the designs of the rockets that include reusable launch vehicles that changed the industry.

Elon Musk gets Membership for the National Academy of Engineering

Elon Musk Tweets SpaceX to Open Rocket Faciltiy in Waco to Produce More “Big Rocket Engines”

(Photo : Aubrey Gemignani/NASA via Getty Images)
HAWTHORNE, CA – OCTOBER 10: SpaceX Chief Engineer Elon Musk (R) speaks with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine (C) while viewing the OctaWeb, part of the Merlin engine used for the Falcon rockets, at the SpaceX Headquarters, Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019 in Hawthorne, CA.

Elon Musk retweeted an announcement from the official Twitter account of the National Academy of Engineering for the statement regarding the induction of new members to the academy. The CEO and billionaire got elected as an academy member, and he expressed his gratitude here online.

The National Academy of Engineering announced new members on its guild, inviting over 111 members and 22 international members to its group. The confirmation of the new members is already official, but their formal induction will take place on October 2.

Its list brings together some of the brightest minds and innovative persons with numerous achievements for the membership.

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What is Elon Musk’s Role as a Member?

According to its website, there are 2,388 members in the United States and 310 international members of the academy. However, what exactly is the role of these engineers after their induction?

The National Academy of Engineering elects members to its organization after a year-long process, meaning that Musk got a nomination last year and got his vote over 2021 as well. The role here is that they are a part of the organization contributing to engineering as leaders of their respective fields.

Elon Musk and Engineering

Elon Musk is, first and foremost, an engineer, and he brings a lot of projects to his company that focuses its research and development on delivering innovations to the world. Musk is known for his role in leading the project for the Tesla Bot, the autonomous AI-powered robot that features human-like qualities that the company intends to be an assistant to everyday work.

The CEO is famous online for engaging with fans for their everyday questions and queries about the products of the many companies which Musk is a part of and leads. There are also questions he answers regarding SpaceX and its many technologies that the public witnesses, especially with the Starship project to launch soon.

However, Musk can be rendered speechless for questions that are too complex for him.

Musk is an engineer and a businessman who engaged in many companies and projects, which helped him become who he is now. Because of his background as an engineer, he was able to launch these companies and help in their development as he understood what was going on in the ground or process.

The National Academy of Engineering’s induction of the CEO is fitting for his role on SpaceX.

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