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Elon Musk Increases Support for Ukraine by Sending Solar Battery System ‘Tesla Powerwalls’

After allowing internet access through SpaceX’s satellites to war-stricken Ukraine, Elon Musk decided to amp up his support through “quietly” sending Tesla Powerwalls, the company’s solar battery systems.

Elon Musk Sends Ukraine Support Through Starlink and Tesla Powerwalls

According to the story by The Street, Elon Musk has already sent a number of shipments of terminals from Starlink, enabling them to offer satellite internet service to Ukraine. The terminals allowed Ukrainians to stay connected to the world through fast, secure, and independent internet.

In addition to his efforts to allow Ukrainians access to an internet connection, Elon Musk has extended his support by silently sending Tesla Powerwalls. The technology Elon Musk sent over, the Tesla Powerwalls, are integrated battery systems capable of storing solar energy.

US Intelligence Confirms Cyberattackers Preparing for Ukraine

In addition to physical attacks, Ukraine has also been hit with a line of cyberattacks, particularly targeting the country’s communication infrastructures. US intelligence analysts gave the confirmation that spy hackers were attacking the country.

According to The Washington Post, the US intelligence analysts said that the military spy hackers were disrupting communications within Ukraine. This was through an attack on a satellite broadband service in Ukraine.

Cyberattackers Prepared to Penetrate Military, Energy, and Other Important Computer Networks

Before the invasion began, government hackers attempted to penetrate the military, energy, and other important computer networks of Ukraine to collect intelligence. This also allowed the hackers to position themselves to potentially disrupt the said systems later on.

On Feb. 24, along with the invasion of Ukraine, outages started happening as a result of hackers directly targeting satellite modems. The satellite modems reportedly belonged to tens of thousands of different individuals in Ukraine and Europe.

Elon Musk Assures Public that Starlink Satellites have Not Been Compromised

The information regarding the satellite modems reported to The Post reportedly came from the US firm Viasat official. In addition, the constant cyberattacks started to raise alarms regarding the vulnerability of broadband services that still use “poorly-maintained firmware.”

However, despite efforts, the cyberattackers have not yet been able to penetrate Starlink stations, as per Elon Musk. In reply to a post by Slashdot on Twitter, Elon Musk announced that his company, Starlink, has since been able to resist hacking and jamming attempts from the hackers.

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What are Tesla Powerwalls


Based on the Tesla website, Powerwalls are devices that help users store solar energy for later use. With the choppy connection experienced by most Ukrainians, both in terms of internet and electricity, the Tesla Powerwalls aim to provide them with assistance in terms of consistent access to electricity. 

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