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Eight UK Nuclear Reactors Now Included in Boris Johnson’s New Energy Strategy; 2050 Construction Now Expected

Eight U.K. nuclear plants are now included in the latest energy strategy of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

Eight UK Nuclear Reactors Now Included in Boris Johnson's New Energy Strategy; 2050 Construction Now Expected

(Photo : Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
London mayor Boris Johnson waves after speaking to conference on the third day of the Conservative party conference on October 6, 2015 in Manchester, England. The third day of the 2015 autumn conference is being dominated by tough new measures to deal with mass immigration in the Conservative conference speech.

The British leader said that the new reactors are part of their efforts to make the United Kingdom independent from Russia’s energy support. 

The announcement was made during the Russia-Ukraine effort. As of the moment, Russia is still one of the main energy provers of the U.K., the United States, and other nations. 

Boris announced the upcoming eight nuclear reactors after saying that the failure of Western countries to cut off Russian energy support was a terrible mistake. 

Eight U.K. Nuclear Reactors To Arrive 

According to The Guardian‘s latest report, Johnson insists that he wants the U.K. to become energy independent, especially with Russia’s support. 

Eight UK Nuclear Reactors Now Included in Boris Johnson's New Energy Strategy; 2050 Construction Now Expected

(Photo : Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
The four cooling towers and two reactor blocks of the Temelin nuclear power plant stand illuminated on August 11, 2011 near Temelin, Czech Republic. CEZ, the Czech, state-owned energy company that operates Temelin, plans to expand the number of reactors at the plant from the current two to four. Westinghouse, Areva and Atomstroyexport.

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“This is about tackling the mistakes of the past and making sure that we are set well for the future,” said the British prime minister via AP News

Of course, some enthusiasts are criticizing the decision of Johnson. 

Professor Matthew Paterson, an expert in the politics of climate change at the University of Manchester, said that the new nuclear reactors contradict the climate change effort. 

He added that the additional nuclear reactors are taking the United Kingdom backward.  

When Will UK’s New Nuclear Reactor Arrive? 

As of the moment, the exact completion date of the upcoming U.K. nuclear reactors is still unknown. However, Boris said that they will start building these new atomic technologies around 2050. 

Once the new nuclear reactors are constructed, they are expected to increase the country’s nuclear energy production three times, around 24 gigawatts.

Aside from nuclear energy, the new effort of the U.K. government also includes other energy source enhancements. One of these is reforming the current solar panels in the United Kingdom. 

If you want to see further details of the ongoing energy independency plan of the United Kingdom, you can visit this link.

On Mar. 30, Energy Absolute spent around $60 million to enhance its ultra-fast EV charging facilities. 

Recently, LG’s new billion-dollar fund is expected to increase its battery production in the United States. 

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