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‘Educational’ Mini Robot Arm Launched for $600: Arduino’s RP2040 Powered Braccio ++

A mini robotic arm is now being sold for $600. While still a bit pricey at $600, Arduino’s RP2040 powered Braccio ++ states that it is for educational purposes.

Braccio ++ Mini Robot Arm Designed For Classes

According to its store listing, the Braccio ++ is designed mainly for use in classes. The mini robotic arm will be using the Nano RP2040 Connect by Arduino to power it.

Types of Classes Braccio ++ is Supposedly Good For:

Other Use Cases for the Robot Arm Aside from Just Classes

According to the robotic arm’s description, aside from these types of classes, the robotic arm is also built for “other technical subjects” as well. In fact, it was noted by the story from Tom’s Hardware that the mini robotic arm is specifically designed for students who are taking more advanced classes.

The website notes, however, that despite the robot being for advanced students, they also think that it could be a fun addition to just about anyone from any educational level. The kit comes with the robot itself, USB cables, power supplies, and even two projected designs and four lessons for students to work on.

Braccio ++ Regarded as Most Expensive Compared to RP2040 Boards

The focus of one segment of the article was regarding the price point. As previously mentioned, with the price of $600, the robot arm is still referred to as “the most expensive” when it comes to the list of other RP2040 boards.

The Braccio ++ is designed to become more of a learning tool by teaching its students certain concepts that resonate very well with the robots industry. A number of lessons which the robot aims to teach students is about the concepts of forces, motion, gear ratios, torque, stability, and even payload weighings and their direct effect on movement.

Is Buying the Braccio ++ Worth It?

The argument, however, is whether or not the mini robot arm is a good purchase at its price point. This, however, depends more on what type of buyers would purchase the Braccio ++.

From an educational standpoint, with robotic arms becoming more of a norm in the manufacturing industry, getting proper education on how to use, program, and manage them would be an advantage for the students.

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Testing Out the Robot Arm

With the price of $600, however, unless buyers can afford to buy one all to themselves, the robot arm might be better used in the classroom. This is because it is being argued that most of the time spent is actually on programming the movement instead of always testing it.

Although testing is very important, the frequency of programming exceeds the frequency of testing most of the time.

It should also be noted that, per the article, the robot makes use of “recycled and eco-friendly materials” called Ecoallene instead of the more common ABS plastics.

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