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Easy methods to remove the QuickBooks Error Code C=47

The accounting program designed by Intuit for small and medium-sized enterprises is called QuickBooks Desktop. Both an on-premises version and a cloud-based version are available. Payments, payrolls, tax tables, and other financial operations are generated and managed using it.

Although QuickBooks operates effectively and offers us a lot of help, occasionally we run into a problem when attempting to access the program that we are unable to resolve on our own.

As a result, we lose time and our job falls behind. One of the issues that could waste your valuable time and leave you in a puddle is QuickBooks Error C=47.

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What Is Error C=47 in QuickBooks?

An error message may appear occasionally while running a report or attempting to open a file. The message for this problem is “Unable to Find Transaction.” This also occurs when we attempt to remove the transaction from a report or feature that functions similarly to a report.

The error code for this QuickBooks blunder is C=47. When you lack the necessary tools to address this mistake, it could be downright frustrating. It is an issue with your database.

Before we begin the troubleshooting process, I would like to recommend that you confirm the availability of these files:

The files needed to fix the mistake are as follows:

1 Invalid QuickBooks Data file (.QBW)
2 The corrupted QBW file is located in the same folder as the Transaction Log file (.TLG)
3 Earlier versions of the QuickBooks Data file’s backup (.QBW or .QBB or .QBM).

Reasons for QuickBooks Error C=47

Below is a list of some of the potential causes for error code C=47:

1 corrupted or damaged QuickBooks data file
2 The issue appears when you attempt to amend or alter the transaction or entry.
3 Check the Internet Explorer SSL settings to see if they are right or if they are incorrect.
4 In the event that the transaction log file is kept in a damaged file or folder.

Answer To QuickBooks Error C=47

Below are a few of the answers we have provided:

1 We’ll install the most recent version of QuickBooks Desktop.
2 After updating QuickBooks, we must re-sort the lists using the quick approach shown below:
3 Choose Lists> Accounts Chart
4 choose View Menu. Sort lists again
5 We will now choose the Item List.
6 After finishing the aforementioned processes, we must resort to the customer list:
7 Select Customer and Jobs from the Customer Center menu.
8 Select Resort List from the View Menu.

After finishing the aforementioned procedure, we must shut down Quicken, restart the computer, and then launch Quicken again. The problem ought to be resolved once we have finished this final step. There are, however, further approaches one can take to solve this issue.

As mentioned previously, this straightforward approach ought to be able to fix the problem = 47. However, you can always get in contact with the QuickBooks experts team if you are uncomfortable with the procedure or need further help with the software (pertaining to any other issue). They are independent contractors with extensive experience fixing issues with QuickBooks.


Can a malware scan help me fix QuickBooks Error C47?

Yes, a scan will quickly help you fix the issue. Your system’s garbage files are completely removed throughout the scan, sometimes automatically fixing the issue. However, if there is another cause for this mistake, you must identify it and rectify it right away.

Can QuickBooks Error C47 Be Fixed By Repairing The Software?

The issue is resolved by the QuickBooks software repair since it recreates any missing files and fixes all of the damaged ones. So, select Programs from the Control Panel’s list of options, and then right-click QuickBooks. then choose the uninstall option; after that, choose Repair to begin fixing the QuickBooks program. Start QuickBooks after the repair process is finished and look for errors.

When I get QuickBooks Error C47, how can I fix the.Dll file?

  1. You must identify the issue using the given below caught.
  2. It resolves the loading error for LXCRtime.dll.
  3. Next, choose the Repair option and select the corresponding repair button.
  4. Next, select “Select All” from the menu.
  5. After fixing the error, you’re done.

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