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Earth Day 2022: Here’s When and What to Do During the Event

Earth Day 2022 is upon us, and the festivities of this focus on taking care of the planet and raising awareness of the world’s current situation. The organizers invite everyone to participate in this activity, and it will be free for all, as all they have to do is lessen the lights that they use in their homes, with a lasting awareness of power consumption and other focuses.

Earth Day 2022: Here’s When the Event Would Start

Earth Day 2022

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The Earth Day organization invites the world to take part in the globe’s special day this April 2022, and their goal is to give the public a sense of awareness to observe their actions for the world. Save the date for this year’s annual tradition, 04-22-2022, which will mark a new beginning for the planet, and the world to do their best for the Earth. 

However, it does not stop there, as this project aims to give the public a responsibility to take care of their stakes in the world, especially from the little things they do daily. 

The organization said that it is in “all of us” to take care of the planet, not just one thing or aspect of the world. 

“For Earth Day 2022, we need to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably). ” -Earth Day organization.

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What to Do During Earth Day 2022?

According to National Today, Earth Day began in 1969, and its goal is to give the public awareness of the current happening around the globe and focus on what it needs now. What the world gravely needs is the help of each and everyone in preserving it and giving back to it now, after years of taking from the Earth, which left it in its current state. 

Earth Day 2022 and Lyrid Meteor

Earth Day 2022 coincides with the Lyrid meteor shower’s peak this year, and the events could not be any more perfect as there would be less light pollution in the world. This April 22, people will have a chance to witness the peak of the Lyrid Meteor Shower, and if you missed it, the early morning of April 23 would still hold a lights show for all.

Many tech companies focus on bringing their products and services in line with taking care of the planet and doing their part. Pledges and projects to focus on lessening their consumption or taking from the natural resources available in the environment are set in the plan. One example is the largest internet company in the world, Google

The public can freely join the movement, and it does not have to be an annual tradition only but a culture or lifestyle they observe daily. The Earth needs loving and assistance from everyone, especially as humans took from it in the past, effectively leaving it in its current state that suffers from many consequences of our actions. 

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