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Custom cigarette boxes set standards for the 2020 competition

Among the latest trends in cigarette boxes, some have been much more successful than others due to their sophisticated looks and luxurious touch.

Cigarette boxes are one of the most commonly seen and widely used packaging solutions. They are used across the globe for the protection of tobacco-derived products. Since cigarettes are highly sensitive to being harmed by humidity, sunlight, and temperature, these boxes are considered the best to resist any kind of hazards that may occur due to natural causes. They are made with highly resilient and durable yet cost-effective materials that include kraft stock, cardboard stock, and paper stock mainly. The materials that are used for the manufacturing of these boxes are 100 percent organic and eco-friendly; thus, they do not harm the natural environment. That is why these boxes are popular among tobacco manufacturers and consumers alike. The customizable nature of these boxes allows the customers to get them manufactured in any shape, design, size, or material. Moreover, they can also select various exciting finishing techniques to make them look more enticing and unique in the retail market.

Cigarette encasing is one of the most widely used types of packaging around the world. With time, we have seen a lot of changes in its designs. And these transformations have given us the latest trends. There needs to be a discussion on the trends currently capturing the market in the year 2020.

Choose Minimalism 

As everyone knows, minimalism is highly popular in custom cigarette boxes today. It is not unfair to call it the most followed modern trend. In 2020, no brand can think about competing with other brands by offering mediocre packaging for their cigarettes. In 2020, therefore, it is one of the most admired types of cigarette boxes out there. Why has this approach taken over the industry? Because it is simple and sophisticated. And there is a difference between minimalism and simplicity. Most people tend to confuse them. Simplicity is usually used for printing, while minimalism is often reserved for design only. 

No Compromise on Strength

No matter what is done with the packaging, protection should never be compromised. There are a lot of customizations that can be done for adding to the already present protection. For instance, affordable wholesale cigarette boxes have a layered structure that helps it in absorbing pressure. But if there’s a chance that it might not be enough, then one can always go for added protection. An easy way to do it is to add bubble wrap. It fills the distance between the product and the wall of the box, making products safer and more secure. This is especially important during shipping as there are hundreds of such custom cigarette boxes stacked over each other and placed beside each other. In such a case, the chances for jerks and shocks are high. And to minimize them, one should always use proper precautionary measures and enhance protection as much as possible.

Don’t be too Colorful

Life is full of beautiful colors, and custom cigarette packs should not be devoid of them either. Only the cigarette encasing that uses the best colors can compete in the modern cigarette industry. But it does not mean that one should use colors haphazardly, without first knowing what is going on in the industry. Cigarettes are meant for adults; thus, their packaging colors should also reflect this. Instead of using color schemes that appear juvenile and childish, one should instead opt for mature and sophisticated colors. These colors should appeal to adults. For instance, golden is a beautiful color that not only corresponds to the color of tobacco but always stands for a sophisticated touch. It could be paired with red, as most companies do. One could also go for a silver cigarette box. The combination of red and golden is a powerful one that can prove to be highly beneficial for a brand.

(a) Go Vintage 

Vintage designs have a unique appeal. That is because they inspire nostalgia among people; therefore, they are valued by customers. This could include vintage printing, such as numbers written by hand or printing that evokes a sense of classic colors that have been used during old times, and shapes that are simple but elegant.

Buck the Tradition 

A beautiful design is the bedrock of successful marketing. No marketing campaign can succeed without using reasonably priced cigarette boxes wholesale that is elegantly designed. This is a fact and can be verified by surveying the industry. The brands that have changed with time and adopted modern designs have taken the lead while those who did not have been left behind in the race of marketing. One of the most iconic designs for competitively priced cigarette packaging boxes wholesale is, of course, the traditional rectangle. But using it is not a necessity. One should instead opt for modern, unique designs. These could include different shapes of geometry. These designs might not be the ones that customers see for the first time, but it does not mean that they are seen very often. They still offer a lot of uniqueness

(a) Going Transparent

One of the best and most elegant designs for cigarette boxes for sale is the transparent design. It is not only beautiful, but it also boasts excellent display qualities. It is a great way to win the trust of consumers as it can show the cigarettes inside the box, and the customers do not even need to touch the package. It does not mean that a brand should manufacture a completely see-through box. One can go for the die-cut approach and fulfill this criterion perfectly.

In the year 2020, a lot of trends for cigarette packaging emerged, and among them, various are being followed by brands. But some have truly shaken the industry with their cutting-edge sophistication and appeal. They have surpassed other trends in their popular appeal and hold a lot of strength. Brands that have deployed them have seen their cigarette sales skyrocket within a short period.