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Reliable Interior is enthusiastic about designing spaces that give your company’s endeavors new life. Our success is built on delivering great commercial interior design services solutions that are true to the client’s vision and goals. We begin by compiling a client brief that contains project completion timelines, a budget, a style, and a design charge based on your specific requirements. Based on mutual agreement, we create a concept design or mock-up of the original project to give you an idea of the outcome. Our brief includes floor layouts, hypothetical extras for the finished product, functional furniture and fixtures, lighting and joinery characteristics, and more.

As one of the leading commercial interior design businesses in Dubai, we have experience working with huge, well-established firms, start-ups, and everything. We find both to be equally challenging and enjoyable to deal with.


Our major objective is to draw clients and sell a variety of goods and services, from commonplace to remarkable. There are only a few industries nowadays where you may find work without competition. Being able to distinguish oneself from the competition and remain in clients’ minds is thus critical for success. Service quality and comfort are the essential variables affecting the appeal of any hospitality business. The ability to give visitors comfort, beautiful décor, and excellent customer service is the key to every hotel’s appeal and profitability. With a well-planned layout, it is possible to complete all three responsibilities. The appealing interior design considers the brand’s attractiveness, visitor comfort for transportation and lodging, and an optimal arrangement to improve employee productivity.


Our goal is to increase the overall quality of public space interiors. Our guiding beliefs, which prioritize sustainability, outstanding design, and genuine human needs, are propelling us forward. By bringing nature within, we connect individuals to places and one another. Can people get more sensory impressions of nature indoors while yet feeling like they belong? We will continue to emphasize the importance of public interiors because we believe they can.


DHM is one of Dubai’s leading interior design firms, and your home should truly represent your personality. Our creative and experienced team of architects and designers will work with you to include your ideas in the final result, whether you require intuitive, fun, timeless designs. Furthermore, they will solicit your suggestions in order to create a functioning area that is exactly what you want for the outclass fit-out. Our agency has years of experience and specializes in creating places that feel acquired and evolved over a person’s lifetime. We have firmly established ourselves as a fit-out service.

DHM specializes in the Interior and exterior design of residential, commercial, and corporate properties. Every house, structure, or other space we create aspires to be as unique as the people living there. Our architects and interior designers have the vision to combine design components so that they work together cohesively across the space. Our innovative technical approach, with a clear return on investment, aims to provide the optimum blend of brand, message, and experience.