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Chinese Robot Dog Roams Around Shanghai to Share COVID-19 Safety Measures

A Chinese robot dog has been roaming around in Shanghai to bark COVID-19 safety measures to its residents in time when China is facing one of its biggest lockdowns against that coronavirus.

Chinese Robot Dog Roams Around Shanghai to Share COVID-19 Safety Measures

(Photo : PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP /AFP via Getty Images)
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Chinese Robot Dog Shanghai

As per a news story by Business Insider, the authorities in China recruited a robot dog to roam around Shanghai to bark COVID-19 safety instructions as the Asian country faces yet another lockdown.

Insider added in the same report that Shanghai has been in lockdown since the end of March as there have been skyrocketing cases of COVID-19 brought upon by the new BA.2 Omicron sub-variant.

With the ongoing lockdown in Shanghai, Chinese authorities have found a creative way to remind its residents and other folks currently stuck there regarding some of the COVID-19 safety measures.

The Chinese robot dog in Shanghai carries a loudspeaker or what appears to be a megaphone on its back to blurt out reminders to the residents of the Jiading district of Shanghai.

Robot Dog and COVID Safety Reminders

According to a recent report by Daily Mail, the four-legged robot was seen marching in the streets of Shanghai to repeatedly nudge folks stuck in their homes to follow some measures to avoid the coronavirus.

The robot dog roaming around the city is reminding people through its loudspeaker to “wear a mask, wash your hands, and check your temperature.”

Daily Mail reported that a local media outlet in China that goes by the name The Paper claimed that folks in Shanghai like the four-legged robots because they felt that they could not disobey the dogs.

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Shanghai Lockdown

On top of that, Chinese authorities are also reportedly using drones to check out if there are any residents who are violating the lockdown rules.

Chinese Robot Dog Roams Around Shanghai to Share COVID-19 Safety Measures

(Photo : HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images)
Transit officers, wearing a protective gear, control access to a bridge in the direction of Pudong district in lockdown as a measure against the Covid-19 coronavirus, in Shanghai on March 29, 2022.

Once the drone detects a person going beyond the protocols, it would start blurting out that “your behavior has violated pandemic rules.”

It would further go on to say: “Please go home immediately, or you will be punished in accordance with the law.”

As per the latest report by Reuters, residents in Shanghai are now being barred from going out of their homes. It is to note that even essential tasks like taking out their garbage are prohibited.

As of April 3, China already has a total of 11,781 asymptomatic COVID cases. On the other hand, it has 1,506 symptomatic cases.

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