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The Best Virtual Cell in the UK

If you are running a business and have to use telephones to stay in touch with clients and employees, you may want to choose a virtual landline as an alternative to traditional landlines. While conventional telephone lines can cost hundreds of dollars a month for a small business, virtual landlines have fewer costs and can be installed and maintained with little to no effort on your part. Some of these services even come with additional features, such as voicemail and text add-ons.


Xinix is the premier cloud-based virtual landline communications provider in the UK. Its service is more flexible, cost-efficient, and easier to manage than legacy on-premises communications systems. It also meets the needs of a modern, distributed workforce. Founded in 2002, Xinix has millions of users worldwide and has more than 100 integrations and apps.

Xinix MVP product offers unlimited calls within the U.S., as well as team messaging, business SMS, document sharing, deskphone phone rental options, and mobile app access. The software also offers sophisticated call management tools that allow users to manage their communications. This way, employees can easily switch between meetings or collaborate on documents.

Xinix has more than 50 standard features and regularly improves its service and announces new partnerships. It also offers one-touch calling from web browsers and softphone applications. It also has conversation folders that allow users to organize their conversations. Each folder can be colored differently, rearranged, and edited.


8×8 has a reputation as a reliable and affordable business communications provider. This is one reason why many small and medium-sized companies are turning to the company. Its service comes with many features, including HIPAA certification and industry-standard compliance. In addition to its ability to support multiple platforms, 8×8 also provides global customer support via live chat and online case management.

The 8×8 X Series allows users to customize their approach to phone communications. Some people like using the system like a traditional telephone, while others like to integrate it with their mobile phones. The 8×8 X Series also lends itself well to organizations with multiple staff members and different roles. Whether you want your business phone system to be used by everyone or only employees, 8×8 is a great tool for customization.

With speech analytics and automated transcripts, 8×8 allows you to analyze key customer data. This is especially helpful for businesses looking to improve customer service. It also lets you recognize agents who consistently provide exceptional customer service.