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Amazon Project Kuiper: Competes with Starlink; Secures Space Companies for Launch in the Next 5 Years

Amazon’s Project Kuiper is now competing with Starlink and Viasat for its satellite internet, and the company revealed its plans in the next five years to bring it to orbit. It has already announced the partner companies that it has, focusing on its launches that will bring the satellites to orbit, and soon launching its internet connectivity for its offers. 

Amazon Project Kuiper is Gearing Up to Compete with Starlink, Viasat

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Amazon announced earlier that it is looking into expanding its services with its upcoming partnerships with many space companies for the rocket launches that contain its satellite cargo. It is a massive indication that the company is getting ready to compete with Starlink, Viasat, OneWeb, and other companies in the industry. 

Unlike Starlink, OneWeb, and Viasat, Amazon’s Project Kuiper is one going through the process of bringing its satellites to orbit for future ventures. However, the company is only at its start, and many factors may come to place for all their needs and plans for the project. Nevertheless, Amazon is looking forward and forging ahead with its satellite internet. 

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Amazon Partners with Space Companies for Satellite Launches

According to Space Reporter, Joey Roulette, Amazon is surrounding itself with many space companies to fulfill its goals and plans for the future. Instead of sticking with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, the company went the extra mile by hiring the likes of United Launch Alliance and Arianespace for their launches in the coming times.

Amazon’s Project Kuiper, Starlink, and MORE

Starlink is one of the most distributed services in the different nations, focusing on satellite internet capabilities for the service that brings a connection from out of this world. The company aims to add more ground terminals to the strength of its connections for everyone to enjoy, and the plan is at 250,000 ground terminals for the service

OneWeb is also another service that is already available in the world’s use of the internet that comes from satellites, and it is a London-based company that aims to deliver strong connections from above. However, its recent struggle with Russia and its spacecraft led to the company hiring SpaceX to bring its satellites to orbit, with Musk saying that it will do the right thing

The world is not shy of companies offering their satellite internet for their needs, and another company offers this for everyone, with Viasat delivering home satellite internet. 

Amazon’s Project Kuiper is only one of the many corporations that are already filling up the orbit with satellites for all internet needs. The company intends to bring its satellite capabilities for an internet connection, something that would be the standard of connectivity for the service in the coming years, as many companies compete for it. 

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