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7 Best Places to Buy Gift Cards Online

The scenario of gift cards is continuously changing. Because stocks and discounts differ on each site, there are a few options for purchasing cheap gift cards. To help you out with gift cards, we have written 7 of the websites that sell discounted gift cards. claims to give discounts of up to 35% on gift cards from over 100 well-known retailers. Some gift cards are only available in the form of gift codes, which can only be used for online transactions. You’ll spend approximately $2 in postage for USPS shipping, which takes five to nine business days, to obtain a real gift card by mail. had Staples electronic gift cards accessible in a variety of values, primarily in the $25 to $95 range, all with an 8% discount at the time of this writing. A number of Whole Foods gift cards, ranging in value from $25 to $165, were being sold at a discount of 6%.

There were a few dozen $25 Old Navy gift cards available, each with a 15% discount. Physical and electronic Nike gift cards with a discount of 6% were available, ranging in value from $25 to $105. There were just one or two gift cards available for several of the big retailers. However, inventory on any gift card site can vary at any time, based on how much stock is available and how much demand exists.


Cardpool likewise claims to provide gift card savings of up to 35%, and their site displays gift cards from big retailers including Petco, Home Depot, and Best Buy. The site provides a large range of physical and electronic gift cards, as well as downloadable electronic gift certificates that may be redeemed at dozens of retailers online or in-store. Physical gift cards are delivered for free via USPS.

Cardpool had a few dozen Best Buy gift cards and gift certificates in a range of values starting at $15, all with a 5% discount, at the time of this writing. Hundreds of Uber email gift cards worth $15 to $25 (valid for trips or UberEats) were being offered at a 5% discount and you can also get more great gift cards on

A number of retailers, including Walmart and Target, did not have gift cards available.

Buy Gift Cards Online


There were savings as high as 35% off for a House of Hoops gift card from Foot Locker on Raise has the largest variety, with almost 1,000 name-brand shops offering discounted gift cards. Some gift cards at, like those at, are only available as eGift cards, which can only be used for online transactions. Physical gift cards and downloadable certificates are also available on the site. Shipping for a physical gift card by mail is free.

Raise, unlike the other gift card services mentioned in this post, allows merchants to select their own discounts. Hundreds of Target gift cards, ranging from $20 to $300, were available at the time of writing, with savings of up to 0.5 percent.

Hundreds of gift cards ranging in value from $25 to $500 were available from Lowe’s, with up to discounts of 4.2%. Only a few gift cards were available for some shops, as was the case with other sites. Gift certificates from certain stores were plentiful.


CardCash provides up to a 35 percent discount on gift cards from over 550 shops. Both tangible and printable e-cards are available for purchase on the website. Standard USPS delivery is free for physical gift cards, and they should arrive in one to five business days.

At the time of writing, hundreds of Whole Foods gift cards ranging in value from $9.29 to $256.19 were being offered at a discount of 2% to 2.7 percent. Best Buy was well-represented, with over 100 cards ranging in value from $5.00 to $60.55, with discounts ranging from 2% to 3.14 percent. A few dozen Gap gift cards were also available in a range of values, with discounts ranging from 10% to 12.02 percent, while 90 Target gift cards were available for $5 to $82.59, all with savings of 6% or more.

There were over 100 gift cards available for Home Depot, ranging in price from $5 to $199, all with a 1.0 percent discount.

Buy Gift Cards Online

Gift Card Granny

·   Gift Card Granny is a gift card resale website run by a third party. Gift Card Granny, on the other hand, is a marketplace where you can buy gift cards from a variety of resellers.

·   Gift Card Granny advertises itself as a gift card search engine that allows you to locate cheap gift cards from a variety of sources. This enables you to locate the ideal gift card for you.

·   Gift Card Granny also features a loyalty program that allows you to earn “Granny” points by purchasing gift cards from specified resellers. You may use these points to get free eGift cards.

·   Gift Card Granny exclusively sells cards from trustworthy partners that follow Gift Card Granny’s consumer protection guidelines.


·   Buying cheap gift cards at the store or online is one of our favorite Costco money-saving tips. The discount will differ from one gift card to the next. Even so, you should expect to see reductions of at least 20%, which will help you save a lot of money when shopping online.

·   There may be even deeper savings available, but these may vary depending on the store and the current deals.

·   To shop in-store at Costco, you must be a member.

Shopkick App

·   Shopkick is a shopping software that allows you to earn points as you shop. The points you earn, known as “kicks,” can be exchanged for any gift card you want.

·   Walk into businesses, scan barcodes, make purchases with a connected card, submit receipts, browse online stores, see online products, make online purchases, and watch movies to earn kicks.

·   Because Shopkick is based on GPS, you can earn kicks just by going into a store.

·   Shopkick is a mobile app that works on both iOS and Android devices.

Now that you know where to hunt for low-cost gift cards online, compare guarantees and prices to pick the best deal. Just don’t allow things and prices to spiral out of control.

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