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555.55 Carat ‘Space Diamond’ Purchased by Founder of for Over $4.2 Million Worth of Crypto

555.55 Carat ‘Space Diamond’ Purchased by Founder of for Over $4.2 Million Worth of Crypto | Tech Times

Measuring by carats is something familiar in gems, gold, and other jewelry but one particular diamond tips the scale. A 555.55 carat “outer space” diamond was just recently auctioned off and the founder of, a crypto entrepreneur, bought it for a whopping $4,292,322 in cryptocurrency.

555.55 Carat Diamond Auctioned for Millions of Dollars

The extremely expensive 555.55 carat diamond that was “potentially from outer space” was just recently “auctioned off for millions of dollars.” Unlike typical auctions, the buyer chose to buy the extremely rare diamond with cryptocurrency.

According to the story by Mashable, the “space” diamond was auctioned by Sotheby. In a statement from Sotheby’s spokesperson, the diamond fetched a price of £3,161,000 or US$4,292,322 and that the buyer wanted to purchase the diamond through the use of cryptocurrency.

The ‘Space Diamond’ Known as ‘The Endigma’

The diamond is reportedly the “largest fancy black natural color diamond…and the largest cut diamond in the world” as per the auction house and is known to have stumped scientists known as “The Enigma.”

The odd, black diamond called The Enigma is, as per Mark Kaufman, Mashable’s Science Editor, called an “unusual species of diamond” more formally known as a “carbonados.” Kaufman stated that as of the moment, kimberlite, a volcanic rock, is where most diamonds are found.

What is the Origin of The Enigma?

Kaufman then explained that carbonados, in contrast, are found elsewhere and that Earth-origin theories aren’t able to explain integral features of the carbonados for a lot of geologists. This then presents the theory of extraterrestrial objects like meteors crashing into Earth and thus creating the carbonados diamond.

Although the theories about “space” remain theories, geologists, however, haven’t dismissed them. The big question is who would be willing to pay over $4 million to buy the diamond.

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Diamond to be Called

Sotheby, however, hasn’t officially confirmed the buyer’s identity but Richard Heart, a crypto entrepreneur, publicly shared that it was him who won the auction. The specified type of cryptocurrency which was paid, however, remains undisclosed.

Richard Heart tweeted out that he had won the “world’s largest cut diamond for our #HEXican culture heritage!” To add, the crypto entrepreneur noted that the diamond “weighs 555.55 carats and 55 facets.

As per an article by Forbes, the “space diamond” weighs more compared to the Great Star of Africa at 530.2 carats and Golden Jubilee at 545.67 carats. To add, although a lot of diamonds are excavated from igneous rock that is “formed deep within Earth,” carbonados can be found in sedimentary deposits located closer to the surface of the Earth.


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